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Watch Winder Reviews & Testimonials

We stand behind our products 100%.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  
Below are some of our watch winder review & testimonials we received from our customers: 

"....The watch winder has been delivered and I must say, everything is first class. The packing and shipping were excellent, and the products are outstanding..."  
Brian B. (Chicago, USA)

"..thank you for your prompt service and excellent product support.  You have my highest recommendation...."   David E. (New York, NY, USA)

"...I just received my new 4 watch winder and have to tell you, it is really very beautiful.  Today it's not always easy to find high quality products!  And your place is one of a few exception's....."   Peter R. (Chula Vista, CA)

..The winder arrived incredibly quickly and in great shape. The build quality and finish are excellent...."   Bill Y. (Eagle River, AK)

"...received my winder today. Thank you so very much for taking care of this for me. I really am truly impressed with your excellent customer service as well as the way you stand behind your products. Trust me when I tell you that I have and will continue to recommend your web site to my watch collecting friends. I am also going to need another winder soon and will definitely be ordering only from you.  Thanks again for all your help. Please feel free to use this email for Your testimonial section...."     Dr. Gary G ( Fresno, California )

"...I just want to let you know that I received my watch winder last night. It is working beautifully and flawless.... Your service is outstanding and if someone asks me, I would definitely recommend you.  Thanks again for your outstanding service.  Have a wonderful day..."    Walid F. (Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta, Ga)

"... The watchwinder arrived on Friday as you said and it appears to be the same level of quality as the single-watch Belair. Thank you for your help in guiding this purchase. By the way, I have given two other friends of mine who own high-end automatic watches your name and contact info. They were very impressed with the Belair model I had showed them and were interested in getting a winder as well......"   John T. (San Jose, CA)

(note:  the Belair model is now the Landmark model)

"...Your customer service is outstanding. This is an area of great importance to me because I am the owner of a CPA firm and I know how important customer service is....The winders features are excellent, particularly given the very reasonableness of the price."   Joseph E., CPA. (Dublin, California)

 "..I recently received my watchwinder and I must say it was everything you promised in the description.  It is very well made, the wood finish is exceptional and it was nicely and securely packaged and promptly shipped. ...Thanks for your excellent product and service!..."   John P. (Kennesaw, GA)

"Your watch winder arrived. It is nicer than I anticipated..."   Kitty W. (Colorado Springs, CO)

.…Thanks for the timely delivery….I am the owner of a multi million dollar real estate investments company in Southern California, and own a numbers of luxury watches, as well as a few winders of different makes. Yours is undoubtedly of the highest quality, the make and quality are top class. I will recommend yours to friends of mine who own high end watches... ."   Alan L. (Newport Beach, CA)

"...I got the  winder today, thank you very much. it looks beautiful and very quiet..."   Tuan T. (Bethlehem, PA)

"Mr. Linden, just a quick E-mail to let you know I have just received my winder.....Looks great, watches are winding as I write this.  Very nice and I think I made a good choice.  Thanks for all your response's to my questions.  Sincerely..."
George N. (Wilmington, De, USA) 

"Just received the double watch winder. Great product.... "   Stanley H (Lodi, CA)

" I got my Landmark watch winder on Thursday and I am greatly impressed! The wooden case is beautiful. The unit  is quiet and exhibits the highest quality. The controls are easy to use and the manual is easy to understand. My Omega is now being gently wound, and I don't have to wear it on my wrist all the time now! Thanks for a great and  beautiful product!"   James R. (Weaver, AL)

"Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your watch winder is.  It is clear how much attention to detail you pay to every aspect of your production including packaging and shipping. It is a lovely well crafted piece that we are proud to display on our dresser. Let your employees know they are appreciated and they should be very proud of their work...."   Claire B. (Austin, Texas, USA)

"..I did receive the watch winder and its gorgeous. My husband loves it! ..."     Malia S. (Mundelein, Illinois )

"...received my watchwinder yesterday - very impressed! Very good quality and value when compared to other similar products. Thanks again for your assistance...."  
Gary C., CSA (Greensboro, NC, USA)

."....Yesterday I received from UPS the package.... the watch winder is very beautiful indeed.  Better then expected.  So thanks again! "
Debbie F. (Palmetto Bay, Florida)

"....I greatly appreciate you and your company's efforts to be so customer 
responsive. As I said, the Admiral winder is a beautiful piece of work and 
I look forward to many years of service from it...."  
Jim R. (Los Angeles, CA)

"..I'm really impressed, you folks sure go out of your way to provide excellent customer support..."   Art G. (Sugar Land, Texas)

".... I am really impressed with your company! ... Please know that I will recommend your website to my friends who are looking for watch winders. Thank you.."
George K. (Towson, Maryland)

"...Just received our order of the winder in Burlwood and love it.  We are now ordering a second winder. They are beautiful...."   Sharon P. (Los Angeles, CA)

"...I received my order and am happy with the product.... "   Fran J. (Birmingham, AL)

"...My husband's 24 function watch winder arrived yesterday and he LOVED it. We were both VERY impressed and thrilled with the high quality of the wood and interior. Many thanks for making this Valentine's Day so special for my husband.  Sincerely..."   Susan D. (Hillsborough, CA)

"..Hello and thanks again for the wonderful customer service!  I am really 
happy about my new winder...  You guys are the best! (I keep telling other watch 
fanatics about yours..."  
Randy M., Senior VP, ...Commercial Real Estate Services (Irvine, California)

"....My compliment to your company for a superb product and great customer service. The winder is a gift to my associate, and he loves it a great deal... "   Robert S. (London, UK)

" ... Thanks for having the goods delivered so prompt, the package arrived on Feb 2nd.  I am very pleased with the quality and finish of the winder.....  Regards
Alan C. (New York, NY)

 ".... ...the package was received today and it works perfectly. By the way, I have recommended your company to 1 other friend because of the quality of the product and the customer service... "   Jim H.. (Tucson, Arizona)

 "....Thanks a lot, your customer service is OUTSTANDING. I will highly
recommend your business to anyone! ..... "  
Susie L. (Newport Beach, CA)

 "....Thank you. I got the package and was very pleased with the product.... "   Karen T. (Martinez, Georgia, USA)

"I received my single watch winder today and very amazed by its craftsmanship and work performance.... "   Ban N. (Sacramento, CA)

"..Rec'd the watch winder.  Anniversary gift for my husband. He loved it. Thank you...... "   Diane M. (Germantown, TN) 

 "....Just wanted to let you know that the watchwinder arrived in time and 
I'm very pleased with the quality and service.  Thanks.... "  
Elaine P. (La Habra, CA)

"....I must say your watch winder product is better than what I expected.  Now I place it in our living room to show it to our friends, it is beautiful, and it works flawlessly ! ..."   Kenny W. (Tsawwassen, Canada)

"....I received the watch winder in time for Christmas-THANK YOU!! My husband was so happy to received it and it is a beautiful box. I guess I should have purchased a two watch winder so he could buy me a watch too!!!..."
Virginia F. (Northridge, California)

"...Thanks for keeping me updated and the great customer service...."   Trish S. (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)

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 "....The winder arrived this afternoon.  It looks and works great....Nice doing business with you.   Sincerely .... "   Raymond L. (New York, USA)

 ".... Thank you for such a quick response! I'm sure I'll be returning to your site for future purchases.... "   James M. (New Jersey, USA)

 "...Hello! I just received my watchwinder which is a Christmas present for my husband. I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am in this product. It is absolutley gorgeous! I shopped around all over Montreal prior to ordering it online at your store and none were close to being as nice as this one and your price was excellent. I wanted to make certain I forwarded my complete satisfaction in your product.  An extremely satisfied client..."   Nancy P. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

 ".... I have received my watchwinder and I am very happy with it. The quality is
fantastic.  Thanks.... "  
Carl N. (Canary Island, Spain)

 ".... Thanks again for your prompt reply. It is a pleasure dealing with your organization with such a high quality service / delivery. Wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Rgds ..... "   Robert T. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

" I received the watch winder this morning. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to use it...."   Allan S. (Miami, FL) 

"....I have received the order on 8/23 as you said I would. The packaging and the products are fantastic. I hope the years of product service will be as easy and care free as your service. Thank you ..."   Jack R. (New York, NY)

 ".... Thanks, I received the winder and it works great !..... "   John S. (Henderson, KY)

"....received your Landmark winder yesterday.  It's function-packed and as said in your site, it is very easy to use.  It just took me 3 minutes to have it set up and running for my 3 watches.  One thing I really like is the daily repeat function, I don't need to touch it again!  Last but not least, it's very elegant and well built, excellent product...."   Allan L. (Yorba Linda, California)

 ".... Thank you... And I would also like to thank you for standing behind your product. Quite refreshing, and unusual in today's business world.... "   Tony P. (Scottsdale, Arizona)

".... Just to inform you that the two watch-winder I ordered, arrived today in excellent condition. Thank You for all the assistance. ... "   Hock C. (Singapore)

".... Just received the winder and it is gorgeous.   Thanks for the prompt service!.... "   Mark C. (Pennsylvania, USA)

".... I am writing to say how pleased I am with the new watchwinder I just ordered from your company. It is all you said it would be and more.... "   Richard B. (New Jersey, USA)

 ".... Thanks ever so much for the wonderful service..... "   Earl M. (Houston, TX)

 ".... Thank you for your prompt and clear reply.  I love my winder, now I just need more watches to justify purchasing another one!..... "   Oran W., (Chicago, IL)

".... Thank you for your prompt response and excellent customer service. Look forward to ordering from your company again in the future... "   Elizabeth C. (Boca Raton, Florida)

"..I just received the winder and  it looks great !...The display is much more dramatic and elegant, especially with the burl wood grain.  I'd recommend this winder to anyone...."   Emily D. (Califon, NJ)

 ".... My Sweetheart loves his new watch winder. He thinks it is absolutely perfect and works great.. "   Sherry  P. (Colorado, USA)

 "....Hi Dave, Just got the winder box ! AMAZING you guys are good, professionals & the winder is gorgeous…Happy Holidays & many THANKS .... "   Jean F. (Westmount, Quebec, Canada)

  ".... Last year for my birthday, my wife bought me a 2 watches winder. I was so impressed with your product, that we bought my father in law one for Christmas in December.... "   David B. (Palos Verde, CA)

 "...I must tell you, it was more than what I expected. Besides the great mechanical features for keeping my automatic watches always wound and ready to go, the polished oak case is absolutely magnificent. The meticulous detailing, construction and materials that went into making this piece is truly a work of art, astounding is a better word. I will surely recommend this product to my friends who are watch collectors and are looking for an exceptional watch winder without breaking the bank. ..... "   Eugene G. (New York, NY)

"I am a very satisfied owner of one of your watch winders.  I have the two watch version...... "   John B. (Miami, FL)

"...Thanks Dave,  yes it was delivered & I just plugged it in for a bit and absolutely no noise. When my significant other gets back from vacation.... he will absolutely love it! Thanks." .... 
Ellis M. (Houston, TX)

Hojin C. (Etobicoke, ON, Canada)

"...The watchwinder arrived safely yesterday. It is absolutely outstanding! I am very pleased with your product and service. In fact, one of my coworkers is planning to place an  order soon. I was also very impressed with the quality of your packaging for shipment.."   Bob K. (Tallahassee, Florida)

 ".... I love my Landmark 2 + 9 Automatic Watch Winder.  I get many compliments on it..... "   Amit G. (Castro Valley, CA)

 ".... I want to thank you for insuring delivery before Christmas. The watch winder was beautiful..... "   Leslies J. (Elberton, GA)

"....I just placed an order and I needed it ASAP. Can you change the shipping to the 5 days? I would greatly appreciate it. By the way this is our 3rd watch winder purchase from your company, we like them a lot. ."   Danielle D. (Delray Beach, Fl) 

". .I am a happy owner of one of your winders... Thanks"  
Jim S. (Highland Park, IL)

"...I received my order today. The watch winder is beautiful. It is definitely better than the pictures on your website. The quality is very apparent.  This winder is a great value. Thank you again for the service and product quality.."   Ralph K. (Lexington, KY)

"... I have many friends who have seen your watch winder at my home and all have the same reaction, they love it..... Thanks again.  Your kindness and professionalism is greatly appreciated..."   Corley G. (Newbury Park, CA)

"...Very prompt, considerate service, Andrew! Please use me as referral any time. Thank you...."  
Bob M. (Exton, PA)

"...I am very impressed with your product and will definitely be back and refer others to your site... Respectfully"    Cary C. (Plano, Texas) 

" The watch winder has arrived safely in Sweden and is very beautiful. It was a pleasure doing business with you...."   Mikael S. (Stockholm, Sweden)

"..Received the Landmark double watch winder yesterday, it's absolute top notch in quality and workmanship and as you said, very easy to use. It works flawlessly.... The round top and oval window look real nice and classy. Great winder product...."   Roger L. (Fullerton, CA)

"... I just got the watchwinder. This has got to be one of the nicest winders I've ever seen! I already have a winder and this was a purchase for a friend of mine. Now that I've seen this, I just may have to buy one for myself! The angle of the winders under the glass give the perfect view. That along with the quality switches, the light beige interior all make it a beautiful piece of working furniture."   Emerson D.  (Boston, MA)

".... I absolutely love the watch winder. In fact several of my friends have seen it and are ordering one of their own. Thanks again for such a great product and feel free to quote me..... "   Gary G. (North Hollywood, CA)

"just wanted to let you know that I received the Century double watch winder yesterday via UPS.  It was very carefully packaged and I am very pleased with the winder. I look forward to many years of usage.."   Bob S. (Ft. Collins, Colorado)

 ".... Thank-you so much.  Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future..... "   Linda N. (Daytona Beach, FL)

 "..Thanks very much. The winder is very handsome and extremely well constructed..."   Richard E. (Jenkintown, PA)

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